About Granny Reilly
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This is the photo taken of Granny Reilly in 1904 to recognise the efforts of the pioneering women of Australia. This photo is hanging in Australia house London

Phoebe Hannah Murray (Granny  Reilly) was born in 1887 in Kerang and was one of eleven children.  Her father, James Francis Murray was born in Ireland in 1840, went to sea at age 15 and in 1863, jumped ship at Port Melbourne by sliding down the anchor rope.  They were commonly called “Rope Rats” at the time.  Her mother, Frances Park was born in England in 1854 and  sailed to Australia with her parents on the “Balnaguith” in 1857.  James and Frances were married in Hay, NSW in 1870.

James and Frances made their way down towards the Murray River, crossing at the junction of the Murray and Little Murray at Campbell’s Island.  They built a handsome cottage from mud bricks, grew fruit trees and vines and all that could be eaten.  They had poultry and a cow or two and tea, sugar and flour could be bought from the paddle steamers.

Phoebe was born in Kerang in 1887 and was named after the ship her father sailed to Australia on. Frances Murray was an experienced midwife and naturally, Phoebe inherited the talents of her mother, curing everyone whether man or beast.  At a very early age, Phoebe and her mother would ride out on horseback to attend the sick, using tried and tested natural remedies and techniques which had been handed down from generations before.

They made a modest living from cutting wood and selling it to the paddle steamers.  Phoebe cut wood with her father and many a time crossed the river by boat in the middle of the night to load the steamers,   a dangerous venture as Phoebe had  never learnt to swim. Phoebe married a local labourer, William Gifford and had two children, Rose (Pictured Right) and Olive however they later divorced.  Phoebe then went on to marry Myles Reilly, a local farmer, in 1918 and had a further four children, Frances, Patrick, Kathleen and Thanetta.

Over the years of hands-on farming experience, Granny Reilly created her own natural blends and recipes to maximise nutrition for her stock and poultry and cure any ailments they may have.  She became well known for her abilities and people came from all over for her advice and remedies.

The natural remedies used over 100 years ago have been passed down the generations and are still used today to improve the health and well being of horses and other farming stock.

Granny Reilly is a company founded on good farming practices. We believe in clean feed with no chemical fertilizer. Rather we use natural management techniques to maximize the nutrition of our ground thus providing the best growing conditions for our crops.

Techniques such as direct drill seeding, which reduces the disturbance to the earth retains the organic matter from previous crops increasing nutrition, plant health, maintain a more consistent earth temperature and retaining moisture levels. We use local natural fertilizers such as chook manure.

Whilst maintaining weed management by crop rotation and grazing. Our tractors and machinery have turf tires to reduce bruising to the plants. Our crops are cut early at an optimal time of day to retain the best nutrient quality and are run through a conditioner to achieve a consistent and even drying and curing time. From the paddock it is straight to our large sheds to protect the crop from any damage.



Granny Reilly produces nutritionally balanced wholesome foods such as stockfeed, horse feed, hay, chaff, concentrates, grain, to make feeding easy. We have several purpose made mixes to suit every need, all made from our quality home grown ingredients on our chemically-free paddocks.