All our Chaffs are cut from our quality has grown in the rich fertile soils along the banks of the Murray River in Northern Victoria.

To maintain leaf matter and reduce dust, our crops are harvested at the exact right moisture content. Our hay is left to cure to maintain quality before it is then steamed. This is completed prior to cutting to reintroduce the perfect amount of moisture to ensure cutting does not damage the leaf.

Every bag of Granny Reilly's chaff retains fantastic colour, is soft to touch, has a visible leaf and smells delightful. Our feeds are dust free because we take care at every step of the process from the preparation of the seed bed to the height of the mower conditioner when cutting the crops. Our superior quality is reflected in the deep healthy gleam of our horse's coats even in the midst of winter.

Granny Reilly Stockfeeds Chaff range is the perfect accompaniment to all our grain mixes and for those horses who may just need a little extra when paddock fed.

Our Range Includes:

  • Premium Lucerne

  • Mid-Range Lucerne

  • Premium Oaten

  • Mid-Range Oaten

  • Budget Oaten

  • Premium Combo

  • Budget Combo

  • Molo Combo

  • Wheaten

  • Oats Free Chaff

  • Vetch

  • Vetch Combo

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