Phoebes Favourite Pellett

This Cool energy pellet is loaded with fibre to protect your horses gut! Made for your easy enjoyment and pleasure this complete feed suits everyone from pleasure riding, pony club and adult riding.

Phoebes Choice Pellett

This is a complete feed for the horse in work or that needs that bit extra. With its combination of Pron8ure and high fibre content for complete gut health and safe feeding techniques this pellet is one you really can’t go wrong with. With the added benefits of a natural source of amino acids built into the feed for muscle building and cell regeneration as well as our boosted vitamin and mineral mix. Recommended for horses in moderate to heavy work, breeding horses, horses that need to rapidly increase in condition.

Ideal Calf Starter Pelletts

This is a feed designed for calves from birth to weaning. With its Probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes in the form of ProN8ure a heat stable product designed for Australian conditions, It sets the calf up for effective digestion of grain, hay and pasture quickly and effectively with the calves well prepared for life in the paddock after weaning. Its high protein and natural source of amino acids produce excellent even growth and keep the calves in excellent condition throughout with shiny glossy coats.

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